Sunday, August 13, 2017

April 2017 Highlight Reel

Get your scroll finger ready.....April was jam-packed with egg hunts, outdoor activities, egg hunts, birthday parties, egg hunts, sports and more egg hunts. Who knew Easter was an entire month long!?!?!
 Gettin' messy!

 Helping mom by carrying both of his brothers' backpacks to the car.
Palm Sunday
Reid's 5K class at Scofield took a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum. Mommy got to attend this outdoor adventure, and it was so much fun!

Easter egg hunting time at Lake Highlands Christian Child Enrichment Center with the Grasshopper class.

Shooting Stars soccer

Paw Patrol soccer
 This is serious business.

Easter (early) morning. I think they spotted something in the backyard!

Easter Sunday at First Church.  Sweet Parker and Reid.
 Waving to mom and dad.
Easter Sunday with the Andersen/Powell clan.

 Our little handyman
This marks the very LAST time our twin stroller was put to use. Walking to Wallace Elementary for the Lake Highlands Estates Neighborhood Association Easter egg hunt.

Mrs. Malone's husband is a Fire Chief, so her class got extra special care from their favorite resident firefighter.

Working hard with daddy!

Post-yard work reward
We were sad that Grandpa Lou lost a dear friend of his and had a funeral to attend up north, but we were so very happy that he was able to make a pit stop in Dallas along the way. What a fun surprise for the boys!