Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching up...with exactly one month to go!

I’m just a tiny bit delayed in posting nursery photos and updated belly shots partly because there was always just “one more thing” I wanted to finish in the nursery before posting the pictures.  I even thought about waiting until Baby A officially has a name (so we’d have the wall d├ęcor up), but then we may never get pre-baby pictures posted.  Yes, we’re still struggling with a name, but progress has been made!  We’ve narrowed the list down to about eight names.  Contrary to my better judgment, this may end up being a game day decision.

29 weeks

30 weeks

32 weeks
(are you beginning to see who Hudson thinks this blog is really about?)

34 weeks

35 weeks

Baby A's Nursery

Here's dad - assuming the position!

 Baby A's first chair - handmade by daddy with love


Baby A just had his first case of hiccups from about 5:45pm to 6:05pm today.  
My belly was pulsating!  :)