Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy 2 Months, Twin-Littles!

Maybe by the time the twin-littles turn ONE I'll get caught up with my blog posts...or...maybe not!  

One can dream though! :)



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

iphone ipurge

Relaxing after tummy time
First time EVER that Reid didn't cry during a haircut.  Way to go, Miss Ginger!

Look who knows how to roll his tongue

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cousin Cooper is ONE!

Reid's second cousin, Cooper, lives in San Diego, but we were lucky enough to get to attend his 1st birthday party here in Texas.

It was SO much fun, and Reid loved all the cute whales.  With his current love for Finding Nemo, the whale theme was perfect for our 2 year old.

Unfortunately, sweet Coop was feeling under the weather, so we didn't even get a photo of him before he had to retire to his crib for a get-well-soon nap.  

We hope to see you again very soon, Cooper!

It's official - Reid associates juice boxes with birthday parties because that's the only time our poor, deprived son gets to have them.

Aunt Kathleen was so sweet to stay inside with the babies while mom and dad hung out by the pool with Reid.

 Such a lonely chair without the birthday boy and his smash cake.
 Despite the look on Jack's face, mama-to-be Julia did an excellent job cousin-sitting!


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Reid's teachers posted a "Wanted" wall in the classroom hallway.
Sawyer is wanted for Hootin' and Hollerin' in the classroom (she's the one who was belting out "happy birthday to Reid-Reid" at his classroom birthday party)

 I can't imagine Baxter tackling anyone.  He's definitely the sweetest boy in the class!
Why, yes, I AM a proud, proud mama.  Nose pickin' runs in the family.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Fun at The Dallas Athletic Club

The Meierhofer clan was nice enough to invite us to the pool at the DAC on one of Jeff's days off (and during my maternity leave).

Reid had a great time playing with Ava, Liz & Slade, and mom and dad enjoyed some fun in the sun.

Up, up & away {with Slade}!
Dad was popular amongst the crowd of littles.
No fear!
Swimming makes us hungry!
Look what sugary treat Uncle Adam found for Reid.  He was in heaven.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hanging with the Whetstones

Considering some of the Whetstones have made their way back to Dallas for a very brief visit, I figured it was high time I posted the pictures from their last visit in July.

Not only are mom and dad oh-so-grateful for their visits, but Mr. Reid is pretty delighted himself!  His smiles tell the tale well!

I know this pic is over exposed, but I couldn't's such a sweet moment between brothers. 
 All boy?
 Our sweet Ferndale Road neighbors stopped in for a visit with their precious 5 month old, Olivia.  Reid couldn't be bothered...he was busy talking on the phone.
 Run, Grandpa, Run!
 Kisses for Jack
 Kisses for Hunter