Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Justin and Jen were in town for the holidays, so they stopped by for one more visit before the end of 2011.  

Jen & Reid
 Justin & Reid
 Starting our new year's eve celebration one night early {notice anything peculiar in this picture?}
 The next day: Justin & Reid are poised and ready for all the action of the new year's eve bowl games.  And yes, as in the photo above, Justin is sporting one of his most special Christmas presents - the Forever Lazy. How cute are these two???

Friday, December 30, 2011

Carrots, Anyone?

It's official.  We found the first food that Reid dislikes.  Actually, you can decide for yourself after watching the video.  He doesn't really seem to dislike them as much as he seems to want to play with them.  Daddy thinks it may have something to do with the different texture.  Hence the brief coughing episode.

PS - In case you weren't aware, you can click on the four little arrows on the bottom, right hand corner of the screen shot below for a full screen version of the video.


Monday, December 26, 2011

The Celebration Continues

On the day after Christmas, we all met at Aunt Jenn's to visit with Big Bobby & Jo. They gave Gabriel a cool remote control car for Christmas, and we quickly found out that Reid loves watching fast cars cruise around the room.  He kicked and laughed the whole time the adults were learning to use the remote.

 We uncovered the secret to nap time success...especially at loud restaurants.  Jeff, my mom, Jenn, Andrew, Reid & I went to lunch at Water Street after our visit with Big Bobby & Jo.  We discovered that as long as Reid's eyes are covered {see below}, he will sleep like a baby.  Reid and Andrew both slept for two hours while the big people enjoyed a leisurely lunch together.  Afterward, mom took Grandpa Gary one of his favorite foods for lunch - shrimp po' boy.
The weekend we discovered that Reid had hand, foot and mouth disease, we had just given him his first taste of organic puffs from Central Market.  Needless to say our first thought {mom's fear} when we saw the rash was that he was allergic to one of the ingredients in the puffs.  Ugh!  Fortunately, less than 24 hours later the pediatrician confirmed that it was HFMD.  Thank goodness the boy's not allergic to puffs.  In just two weeks he has fine-tuned the art of picking them up and putting them in his mouth.   There's another "trick" he's learned recently.  Video TBP (to be posted) soon.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Continued

After we had lunch downtown with the Sorensens, we headed down the street to Spohn Hospital {where mommy was born} to visit Grandpa Gary.

 "Let me taste your finger, Great Grandpa Bob."
 Laughing with Mimi
 Hospital bed and all...Gary's still teaching the important life lessons -
"Pull my finger, boy."  Reid told grandpa that he thinks cancer sucks, and we're all praying for a speedy recovery!
 Gruncle Joe & Reid
 "Aunt Jenn, why does my grandpa have to be in this hospital???"

I took this picture in the lobby of the hospital with my iPhone camera, but even though it's blurry, I just had to post.  Have you ever seen a cuter expression?!?!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a whirlwind of activity.  We started it off with the Whetstone family opening the presents Santa left under the tree.  Sadly, Aunt Jamye wasn't able to be with us as she was in San Diego with Brent for the holiday.  We missed you both, Aunt Jamye & Brent!  Can't wait to see you soon.  :)

Look what we found with all the other gifts
Now you see me...
 Now you don't
We love you, Baxter boy!
Santa's little helper

The boy wasn't going to let the Christmas celebration interfere with his eating schedule.  He tried a new food for breakfast on Christmas Day-organic acorn squash.  He ate it right up. Since we'd already tried a food in the squash family, I figured all would probably be okay.  ;)
The newest addition to the Whetstone family - Annabelle (aka Belle, aka Bella)
Bentley & Hudson snuggling with Anthony
My Christmas gift from the hubs.  My new "huggies" earrings.  Love them!
Daddy modeling one of Reid's new onesies
"Don't look at me...that smell is coming from Dad!"

Once we finished celebrating Christmas morning, we set out for lunch with the Sorensens & a visit to the hospital to see Grandpa Gary {& Uncle Josh too). Granddad offered to help get Reid ready to go. This is what I found when I entered their bedroom:
Granddad thought the Santa on R's pants was supposed to face the front (forget the fact that they are pulled all the way up as far as they will go)!  :) 
 Reid didn't seem to mind one bit!
 All better.  "Thanks for getting me dressed, Granddad!"
 I had to post this picture because R is oblivious to the fact that his grandmother is trying to bite him & his granddad is throwing gang signs around.
We returned from our Sorensen family visit to find the rest of our Whetstone family gathered for Christmas.

Great Aunt Carmen, Reid & Aiyanna
 Maybe it's the red hair, but Aiyanna could make R laugh just by looking at him.  He had so much fun playing with her.
 Great Uncle James & Reid
 Joking with his great uncle
 Miss Chloe & Mommy Penny
 Cheyenne is always willing to flash that sweet smile!
 Someone needed a break from all the activity
Kyndal - overcome with excitement! 
 Kaylyn found a yummy snack

 Uncle Tony & Reid
 Talking with Nanny

 Reid loves his puppy dogs
 eldest of the bunch
youngest of the bunch 

 Reid is fixated...should I be worried?
 As if his dad wasn't rough enough, Granddad said he needed to "toughen the boy up!"  Hold on, Reid!
 Great Uncle Charlie had to work on Christmas Day, but he and Great Aunt Sandi came over the next day for a visit.
 Making faces at daddy
  Kicking back in the tub after a long day of Christmas celebrations with our loving families.  We are blessed!