Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grandpa Gary

Dear Reid,

Although it was such a short time, I thank God you were blessed to know your Grandpa Gary.  Wise beyond his young years, there was so much he would have taught you about the world. Instead, your grandpa is now your guardian angel, and I know he will watch over his three grandsons and his family from this day forward.

Grandpa's memory will be kept alive by his loving family, and throughout your life you will continue to be touched by one very special angel.  Mommy will make sure we keep grandpa's memory alive and well.  

We will always love you, Gary. Peace is now yours.

Stay In the Light.



Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunday with Friends

Our realtor hosted an Open House at our home last Sunday, so we used it as an excuse to get some quality time with our wonderful friends.

Thank you, Meierhofer family, for taking in our family of five for the afternoon!

Riding in Slade's big boy Radio Flyer

 Slade decided he wanted to pull the wagon for a while


Happy Ten Months!

The Reid Report:

  • I have four teeth (and they're not little slivers any more...they're growing).
  • In waterbabies swim class I can stay under water for 8 seconds!
  • Mom & dad have given me even more foods to feast on since last month: pineapple, watermelon, corn, cinnamon, havarti cheese, string mozzarella cheese, lima beans, bananas, egg whites, bread, cantaloupe, hamburger meat. Even though I still love my bottle, I'm getting less formula and more solids {big boy food}.  In fact, mom says this is the last month that she'll document my new foods because soon I'll be eating anything and everything you put in front of me!
  • I can walk behind my toy walker or with assistance from mom and dad. Watch out won't be long now!
  • I added "dadada" to my vocabulary and ever since I added it, it's ALL I ever want to say {still making mom wait patiently for my first "mama"}.
  • I started waving bye bye backwards & now I'll do it in the correct direction occasionally {usually once everyone stops looking}.
  • I'm getting better at clapping, but I'll still only do it when I'm in the right mood.
  • I've made a few attempts at real crawling but I definitely still prefer the army crawl 99% of the time.
  • I still pull up on everything but my favorite thing to do as soon as I pull up to standing is to let go with one hand and turn to the side to check out the scene.  Then oftentimes whether I'm stable or not {mostly not}, I like to let go with the other hand as well.  Mom says that's the reason we've added another "Incident Report" to my school file.
  • Oh and I almost forgot...I weigh 22 lbs!  :)

 "I don't think that's going to be a good angle for me, mom."
 "This is a much more flattering angle!"

 This was the only shot I could get with the sunglasses on.  And he's not doing "jazz hands."  He was en route to taking the glasses off just as soon as I put them on.
But he does like to hold on to them while he plays
 The swing is still his fave at the playground
Messy Hair Syndrome
Such a big boy!


Daddy Does Waterbabies

We flew home from Corpus on the Monday after Easter, so since dad had the day off, he happily attended swim lessons with Reid.  They had a blast together in the pool {and daddy did great too}!  :)

 Splashing dad
 High five!
 High ten!
 Even daddy succumbed to the power of the baby doll
 Playing with his friend, Max


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reid's 1st Easter

Reid took his 2nd ever airplane trip to Corpus Christi for the Easter bunny's arrival. We had so much fun making the Corpus rounds.  He got to visit with lots of family - the Sorensens, Whetstones, Aguirres, Barnes, Deavers and the McCools.  

Thank you to all our family for making our Corpus visit so fun!

So excited to be in Corpus and off the plane!

Helping Mimi cut Grandpa's food {actually I think Reid wanted to share Grandpa's food}
We love you, Grandpa Gary!  Reid and mommy pray for you every day!

Look who's walking!  So cute!
Reading with Nanny
Nanny's house is fun!  Selling it is certainly bittersweet.
Cute tushes

Happy birthday, Penny!

There's always time for a Reid nap.  Love those footsies!

Our best attempt at a photo op with all the cutie pies
Someone was not having it!  Sweet Kyndal & Kaylyn swooped in to the rescue.  And curious Chloe couldn't have cared less what was going on behind her.
Uncle Tony always makes it better!

This may be Nanny's last porch photo as the owner of Floyd Street.  
Sell, sell, sell!
This is what Reid woke up to on Easter morning.  The Easter bunny knows exactly what he likes!
So excited for the day ahead
Checking out his loot

"Borrowing" his cousin's Easter egg.  I imagine he's intrigued by the color orange.  Dad doesn't allow it in the house, so Reid's orange exposure is fairly low.  :)
Love those big, brown eyes!
William's comfortable with his manhood
Easter eggs with Great Uncle Bobby
He was not happy when his great uncle left him though
All better!