Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Truck Yard

March 29, 2015

We all met up at The Truck Yard on a beautiful Sunday morning to celebrate Aunt Amy's and Poppy's birthdays.  The boys loved it!


iphone ipurge

March 28th - March 29th

Waiting patiently for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt


On the Monday before Easter, Hunter came home with a major goose egg on his forehead.  He ran into a concrete wall while playing outside at school. Since there's really no where for such a major blood clot to escape to, it has since calcified and hung on for several months (much smaller and lighter now of course).  Mommy can't wait until it finally goes away for good!


Saturday, June 27, 2015

And so it begins....

Immediately following Reid's 1st soccer game of the season, our family headed over to LH North Park for our first of many Easter egg hunts with the Lake Highlands Early Childhood PTA (and some of our friends from Lake Highlands Christian school too!).


Friday, June 26, 2015

Shooting Stars vs. White Rockers

March 28, 2015 - 1st soccer game of the Shooting Stars' season.  Since I'm writing this post very much delayed, I can confidently say that this particular game was NOT indicative of the entire season (thank you, God!).
Reid loves soccer.  Reid loves the soccer ball.  Reid does NOT love when the soccer ball is taken from him.
So...go ahead and laugh.  Believe me, I do every time I look at these photos (sorry sweet Reid....mommy loves you!).
 Yep, that's my sweet boy!
Awesome Coach Brian attempting to console/encourage.

 I had to capture the smiles while I could!

 Definitely something very important was happening in the grass/dirt here (either that or my son was conspiring with the opposing team).
 He was always happy when he had the ball.

 ...but not so much when he didn't.


iphone ipurge

This blog post is dedicated to 
Uncle Lee Andersen.

It is rejuvenating, humbling and definitely a bit daunting to learn that someone - who you didn't necessarily expect - actually looks forward to reading and viewing something you put your heart, time and soul into.

As parents, we each have a level of love and care for our own children that goes unmatched.  That said, we are also acutely aware that our closest family and friends love and care for our children as well. For that, we are forever grateful and blessed.
But each and every time a person does something - even something ever so simple - to demonstrate that love for my children, I not only feel blessed but I feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with joy. With love. With a heart so full it could burst.

Despite the fact that this very humble, subtle, non-revenue generating blog gets anywhere from 0-1 comments per post (ahem...thank you Grandma Deedee!), I continue to be motivated by the occasional, yet oh-so-powerful reminders (again Thank You Uncle Lee!) that people really are interested and really do care about this family I call my Forever Family.

Jeff, myself & my three sons...well, we are blessed beyond belief by each and every one of you reading these words.  Our cups truly runneth over....

March 15th - March 22nd

 My munchkins!

 Uncle Josh and Aunt Regina brought Baby Jeremiah to visit his cousins in Dallas.
 Such a sweet masterpiece!
 Daddy and son
 Uncle Josh teaching Reid a thing or two about the guitar
 This one loves his tools!
 1st season of team sports (soccer) is quickly approaching so mom and dad thought it was high time to get some practice in!