Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twin-Littles' Bath Time

Since the time of this photo, Jack has come around in regards to his feelings on bath time...that is, as long as I keep him wrapped and warm the entire time he's out of the water.  ;)


Reid's Classroom Incident Report

I'm not so concerned with the "bitten" part as I am with the "was trying to comfort a child" part.  

Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see sweet Reid try to comfort the tantrum-throwing child in his class.  

That's my boy!

Now...if only he could comfort himself when he's throwing a tantrum!  Ha!


Brothers By Aunt Lorraine


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reid's 2nd Birthday Party

As far as Reid was concerned, his 2nd birthday party at the Frontiers of Flight Museum was a HIT! 

The smile on his face in many of these pictures confirms it.

The awesome wooden airplane belonged to Jeff when he was just a lad...thanks JoJo!

 Our trusty videographer...thanks Uncle Tony!

 Twin-littles' first birthday party to attend
 Reid's note to all his guests.  He wanted to keep his new baby brothers as healthy as possible!

 Parker liked the snacks
 Stay away GERMS, or suffer the wrath of Grandma DeeDee!  ;)
 Precious Ella...
 ...and her twin brother, Wells (who Reid kept hugging!).
 Our attempt at a group shot (minus a few of our little guests)
 The look on Reid's face is a result of his distaste for the wax candle he tried to eat.
 Mmmm birthday cake!

 Two mommies & daddies-to-be!
 Gabriel & his parents
 Our little jumper!

 More hugs!  Melts. My. Heart.
 Good form!
 Not sure what they're discussing, but they have the same hand gestures.  Hmmm.
 Brazeal fam...Superman doesn't have time for photo ops!
The Drake Boys

 LOVE my sweet TWO year old!