Sunday, July 21, 2013

Splash Day at Fair Oaks

Every Wednesday morning in the summer, Reid has Splash Day at school.  As you may imagine, this is one of his FAVORITE activities!

On June 19th while sitting in my bedroom nursing the twin-littles, I got a call from Jeff shortly after he left the house to drop Reid off at school and head to work.  Evidently, we both forgot that this was the first Splash Day of the summer and thus failed to bring Reid's swim trunks and towel to school.

Of course, as soon as I finished nursing the babes, I quickly gathered up his gear and drove slowly to school to deliver the much needed clothing and accessories.  I envisioned my sweet boy standing on the sidelines having to watch the others merrily splashing and playing all because his parents couldn't remember to bring the proper attire on the proper day!  It was almost enough to make this hormonal mom cry (and.I'm.not.kidding).  Ugh, hormones.

Well as you'll see from the pictures below, I WAS a bit too late, but alas, Reid's teachers are rockstars!  

They weren't going to let him miss out.  Instead, they let him get in the water in the shorts he arrived to school in because at least his parents DID have a set of back up clothes for him.  His teachers told me they were planning to change him into his back up clothes once they were finished playing.  And one of them even said, "Don't worry, we wouldn't let him miss out.  We'll always find a way!"

The positive to this story - I got to watch my sweet boy have a blast with his friends in the water!  He couldn't have cared less what type of shorts he had on!!


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Grandma DeeDee said...

What joy!!! Such a wonderful smile. Kudos to the teachers for always finding a way to ensure the young ones have fun. Hugs and Kisses.