Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Shoot with Great Uncle Joe

Reid's Great Uncle Joe came all the way from Fort Lauderdale, FL, to visit us in late July.  We had so much fun together.  In addition to this photo shoot, we visited Jeff at his office, shopped, ate, relaxed, played with Reid, and ate some more.  Uncle Joe changed his very first diaper ever & in the middle of the night while on Reid-duty too!  

My wonderful uncle always has the latest and greatest gadgets, but oftentimes he doesn't know all of their capabilities.  He was so thrilled when Jeff showed him that we can video chat with FaceTime on our Macs.  We'll be able to visit with each other as often as we like now.  :)

We love you, Uncle Joe!  Come back to see us soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Future Aggie

Look at this cute little onesie that Grandma & Grandpa Andersen made for Reid.  And the brainwashing begins....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reid’s 1st Baby Shower (other than his own!)

On Sunday Jennie, Kristin, Ryan, Melanie, and I hosted a baby shower for Gable and Clay.  Their precious little girl is due on August 17th, and we can’t wait to help welcome her to the world.  Reid is excited that he’s getting a girl friend to play with in this year of so many boys!  We celebrated her pending arrival at The Annex at Times Ten Cellars.  We all had a great time, and aside from a minor blow out on sweet, loving, UNDERSTANDING Jennie, Reid was wonderfully behaved and had a great time being cooed over by all the girls. 

PS - Jennie's cute dress narrowly escaped the blow out contents.  :)



Me, Kristin, Gable, Jennie, & Ryan

Kat & Gable

Molly (soon to be auntie), Gable & Tammy (soon to be grandma)

Gable & Clay

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reid's 1st month

I already told mom & dad 
that Tummy Time is NOT a game I enjoy!

This is much more my style!

I'm official (his social security card)!

At peace in my grandma's arms

Check me out - no more umbilical cord!

My 1st real bath at home

Reid's 1st gift with his name on it was
the cute bath mitt from Aunt Amy

Happy ONE month birthday to me!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Reid's Visitors At Home




So sweet

Mimi & Reid

Mimi came to stay with us for a whole week when Jeff had to go back to work.  I don't know what I would have done without her!  This was one of the only photo shoots we were able to get because Reid liked his sleep during his 1st and 2nd week of life.  As Grandpa Kim will attest to, it was difficult to catch him with his eyes open.

One of the 1st times he made eye contact - with his Mimi!


 Reid's buddy Slade


Aunt Jenn

Uncle Gabe & Reid's cousin, BG

Dad & BG don't seem to be concerned with Reid's apparent distress!


BrandyLee came over to give me the crash course on ALL things "pumping".  Thank you BrandyLee!  I'm not quite as intimated by it as I used to be!  :)



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reid's 1st Birthday Party Invite

Reid attended his first birthday party today.  Elizabeth celebrated her 4th birthday with a pool party at the Dallas Athletic Club.  We had a great time visiting with our friends by the pool!

The Birthday Girl

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mylicon To The Rescue!

Last night was our first bout of what most people refer to as "colic."  I think it was just an upset tummy.  Around 9pm, Reid became inconsolable.  If I wasn't feeding him, he was crying.  Thankfully, it didn't last long once we realized that a combination of bicycle legs, a pacifier, and the amazing Mylicon drops seemed to soothe the little guy.  Many thanks go out to my cousin Penny and my bestie BrandyLee for sharing all their secrets to soothe an upset baby.

Jeff and I think the culprit might have been the In-N-Out burger I had earlier that day.  Way too much sodium!  I guess we'll be staying away from that fast food restaurant for a while.  I actually have no problem with that as Dallas is loaded with wonderful burger joints that I think happen to be tastier than the California wonder of In-N-Out burger.

Just say NO!