Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play Date with Gabriel Douglas

Joey & Meghan are good friends from Austin College who recently moved back to Texas from Chicago, and the Andersens are so excited to have them back.  Meghan & her sweet son, Gabriel came over for a play date yesterday.  Gabriel was born on June 1st, so that makes him exactly two weeks older than Reid.  It was so fun to have a friend to talk to and compare stories especially since our little men are so close in age (and size for that matter...I don't feel as though Reid is such a GIANT anymore). Although Gabriel is proof that every day older makes a difference developmentally. His eye contact, focus on stimuli, sounds, and never-ending smiles proved that each day they progress and change so much.  It was fun to see what we have in store with Reid.

Meghan showed up at our door with the loveliest bouquet of flowers.  She brought them to cheer me up on my "go back to work" week.  Love her!

Sweet Gabriel, it was so great to finally meet you, and we're so happy your mom & dad moved back to Texas!

Meghan & Reid, Me & Gabriel

Eat your heart out, John Travolta!

Instant friends

 Just chillin in the chair

"Get me off this chair, mom!"

Caught On Tape


Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday with the Andersens

On Sunday afternoon Grandma & Grandpa Andersen, Aunt Amy & Travis came to visit us.  Of course Reid had a wonderful time, and Halley & Hudson enjoyed the visit too. Kim, Jo Ann & Amy are always sure to give the pups plenty of love and attention.  H&H really appreciate that...especially nowadays when they're feeling second fiddle to the youngest member of our little family.  

I'm so very grateful to have such wonderful in-laws.  I've always felt showered with love and care, and now Reid gets to be the recipient of a cup runneth over as well. We are blessed!

Hanging out with Aunt Amy

She's SO funny!

Relaxing with Grandma on the couch

Not sure what danger lies behind the camera, but Reid is protecting his Grandma from something fierce!  He's already watching out for all the women in his life (just like his daddy).  Although now I'm wondering if we shouldn't have let him watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Saturday night.  Hmmm?

Grandma & Grandpa are funny too!  Reid was laughing out loud!  I just love hearing his little voice.  Wonder if I'll be saying that in a couple of years from now?!?!  :)

Worn out!

Easy Like Sunday Morning

A couple of Jeff's good friends came over on Saturday night to watch the UFC events on pay-per-view, so that left the Cowboy game stranded on our DVR.  We turned it on first thing Sunday morning for some laid back viewing.  It was definitely a stress free game watching "party" since we already knew who won.  Go Cowboys!

Lounging with dad

That's some intense TV watching

He must be watching that AWFUL Jason Witten commercial...

Even Hudson was in the lounging mood!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reid's Two Month Well Visit

We visited Dr. D last week for Reid's two month well visit.  This was our first doctor's appointment since his two week well visit.  After his two week visit, I remember thinking, "I have to wait six whole weeks before we see the pediatrician again?!?!"  Fortunately, we survived!  And in that six weeks, I only made one phone call to the pediatrician with a suspicion that Reid had thrush, but fortunately for us, he didn't.  This of course was confirmed during our recent visit.  In addition to NOT having thrush, he received a clean bill of health.  Yay Reid!  Dr. D commented on what great skin he has for a two month old baby, and in turn, Reid flashed her a few friendly smiles.  He's such a charmer already.  :)  We'll see Dr. D again for our four month well visit in October.

Reid's stats:

Height: 23 1/2 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 13 1/2 pounds (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 39 3/4 cm (40th percentile)

Such a good patient

"I'm ready, Dr. D...give me the once over!"

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sneak Peek

Reid's Great Aunt Lorraine came to visit us yesterday, and being the budding photographer that she is, she took some snapshots of my precious boy.  We had fun with her all day, and mommy even got some work done.  Come visit us again soon, Aunt Lanie!  

I included this one because it's proof that Reid loves to kick his cute, chunky legs!

Reid's Great Uncle Bobby & his 2nd Cousin William flew in later that afternoon.  Thanks for coming to visit us, guys!  

Those lips & cheeks are my favorite features (slobber and all!).  :)

Great Aunt Lanie & Reid

 2nd Cousin William (he's in middle school now!)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Play Date with Parker Kate

Jeff and I visited with Clay & Gable Roby last night so Reid could "play" with his new friend, Parker Kate.  Parker was born on August 12th almost two months to the day after Reid.  She is absolutely adorable and as tiny as can be.  I truly can't believe Reid was ever that small, but alas, he was and is no longer.  And they say time flies.  Bah!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daddy Does Bedtime Duty



My Favorite Kind of Play Date

Reid and I met up with Elizabeth and Larkin yesterday for our 2nd play date.  This time instead of having the boys lay on their backs on a blanket (how boring, mom!) we went to one of my favorite places in Dallas - Nordstrom at Northpark Mall. Reid has already been there on several occasions, and he loves it!  He especially likes the cozy women's lounge where he can get a bite to eat anytime he wants it.  Then in the blink of an eye he can return to feed his second habit - shopping!  :)

Here's Larkin and Reid with full bellies & ready to hit the stores!

Sweet Larkin

Reid (my chunky monkey...love those cheeks!)