Sunday, September 28, 2014

iphone ipurge

This hockey stick has been Jack's favorite toy for two weeks now.  He carries it everywhere with him.

Yoga Hour

Got a cramp, Hunter?

Love the hands-behind-the-head sleeping position!
 He's clapping for himself because he knows how to make the Thomas book "sing."
 Ms. Coco's last day was last Friday.  Reid (aka. Pookie-Bear) looooves Ms. Coco, so this was a sad day for mommy!  Not sure Reid realizes it quite yet though.
 Our littlest super hero

 Double Gig'em!
 Church bound!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dallas Zoo

We officially have two Twin-Little walkers in the Andersen house, so what better way to celebrate than with a trip to the Dallas Zoo.  

The 60 degree fall-like weather helped solidify our decision as well.  It was the perfect day for lions & tigers & giraffes!  :)

"There are TWO Mufasas, mom!"


iphone ipurge

Mommy took the boys to LHCCEC to visit their future classmates in the Steppers class for an hour one morning

Any guesses who this is??
Reid at Chase's birthday party (Chase is also a Skeeter at LHCCEC)
Chase's mommy was kind enough to let Jack come to the party with Reid so that daddy could take Hunter to the doctor.
Jack had a BLAST!
Yes, he's picking that big ball up!
1st time in a bounce house.  Big brother showed him the ropes.

Who says we need a triple stroller?
Dinner with the Meierhofers
Helping daddy with home maintenance

Can you see what he's holding in his left hand?  This boy loooves to go "bye bye!" It reminds me of his cousin, Andrew.
Hunter is the sweetest little guy I know!

SO happy sitting in big brother's chair!
These boys have a shoe-eating problem.  Ugh!

And then there was Jack….

Bed time giggles