Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Return of the Dolfin

Dolfin Swim School, that is!

And look who our wonderful teacher is again…Mr. Samer!  

As you might imagine, this was not pure luck.  We're so grateful for Miss Linda (the owner) for adding a new class that meshed with this working mom's schedule.  The best part of that, we got to recruit our friends to join us!

Larkin, Oliver & Reid - 1st class back with Mr. Samer (in the "big boy" pool!)

 Reid lights up when we talk about Mr. Samer.  

 Although we're incredibly bummed that this is his last semester at Dolfin, we're excited that he graduates this year (from seminary school).  Congratulations, Mr. Samer!

Reid & his buddy, Larkin

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