Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Even after 6 years of marriage and 10 years of togetherness, my sweet husband never ceases to amaze me.  Who knew one girl could get so lucky!

Grandpa Kim & Grandma JoJo arrived on Saturday morning 8/30 to man the troops while daddy took mommy on a weekend anniversary adventure.  I know the boys had a blast, and mom and dad were oh-so-grateful for the time together to celebrate the relationship that created our three little precious gems.

Before we even left the house on Saturday morning, I was presented with these 7 envelopes.  Oh the suspense!
Let the fun begin!

Mommy chose lunch at Nordstrom Bistro.  One of our favorite restaurants and even more special to us because it's the location we told Grandpa Kim & Grandma JoJo that they were going to become grandparents.  

After our fun day at Northpark (mostly Nordstrom!), we made our way to the scene of Jeff's proposal - The Melrose Hotel.
Upon check-in, we learned that we were the lucky recipients of a room upgrade to a suite.  This suite was huge!
That's the couch I sat on (7 years ago) when it first REALLY hit me that something was up.  :)
Then we made our way to our #1 favorite restaurant in Dallas - Nick & Sam's.
Is there anything better than room service?

To cap off our wonderful weekend, we had lunch at Hillstone.  It used to be a post-church staple for us in our pre-children days.  We may not get the chance to Brunch very often any more, but neither of us would trade life with our sweet boys for the world!

I thank God everyday (well, almost everyday) for the union that created our three angels.

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