Friday, November 27, 2015

iphone ipurge

October 3rd - October 30th

Fall Fest at LHCCEC
The sweet Crickets' class

Zip-lining fun at Lake Highlands Oktoberfest

Old 97s...always a blast!

"Backstage"...Jeff snagged a pic of the set list.
That guitar pick landed squarely in my lap (no joke!).

LHENA National Night Out

None of these boys like to have their own hair brushed, but they certainly enjoy brushing hair for others.

This boy and his sock fetish.
Picture Day at LHCCEC
Hunter Sandwich!
Showing off their Halloween PJs from Grandpa Kim & JoJo.

The Toy Story Crew
Showing off his hammering skills at Davis' birthday party.
My little piglet.
This is Hunter's first glimpse into the fabulousness of the "penny" reward for pooping in the potty.

Morning calisthenics with Dad.  


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Corpus Bound in October

This is one of several treasures that Grandma DeeDee discovered in her refrigerator after the Andersen boys departed.