Tuesday, November 17, 2015

iphone ipurge

August 11th - 30th

 Reid wanted to send Aunt Jamye a pre-bedtime selfie...
 And then he wanted her to send him one back.
 Mi Cocina is still a fave around these parts.

 The babies wanted to get in on the pre-bedtime selfie action too.

 Our neighborhood Oak Highlands Brewery had a family night. Reid hit it off with our across-the-street-neighbors.

Daddy & mommy enjoyed an overnight out at the Omni Dallas for our 7th anniversary.

 Reid's friend, Logan, had his 5th birthday party at Emler Swim.
 All the  kiddos had already had a wonderful time, and then this happened....
 Arrival of the transformers themselves!

 Logan & Reid
 Fall soccer with the Shooting Stars has begun!

 Reid decided he wanted to buy mom and dad something for our anniversary.

 He specifically requested to get dad a watch. Since dad already has a watch he loves, Reid got him a smart watch.
He wanted to get mommy flowers...so sweet!
"I scored, I scored!"
 The art of confinement.
 Until one of them steps on something sharp!
 That dimple melts my heart every time!
 Milk break.


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