Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crickets - Jack & Hunter

On June 29th Jack officially became a Cricket at Lake Highlands Christian. "Cricket" in childcare speak means "potty training class!" Needless to say, this class will definitely mark a milestone in the boys' lives (and in mom's and dad's as well!).

This is the class Reid was in when he started at LHCCEC. 

Miss Elboni and Miss Elma are the teachers. Miss Elboni is the master potty trainer. The entire Andersen family loves her to pieces!

Reid's favorite thing about the Cricket's class was the water foundation. Like brother, like brothers!

Two weeks after his brother became a Cricket, Hunter moved from the Explorer's Class to the Cricket's Class on July 13th.  

Hunter's going away gift to his Explorer teacher, Miss Julia. He loves to build "towers!"


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