Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Visit to Dr. G

On this episode of "A Visit to Dr. G," all three Andersen boys had a chance to flash their pearly whites.

Mommy wasn't brave enough to take all three at once, so Reid secured the first appointment of the day, and the babies got the last appointment of the day (to ensure that any tirades fell on few ears).

 Reid did great and even let the nurse take his first set of x-rays. He loved being able to see his big boy teeth waiting in the wings on the x-rays.

Mommy picked up the boys from school a little early that afternoon. This was definitely their favorite part of the visit.

 Jack decided to throw me a curve with his sweet, docile nature during the entire visit.
 Hunter, on the other hand, was adamant about NOT wanting to sit in the chair. Although he kept his composure, his examination/cleaning happened from mommy's lap.

 Jack got busy with his flossing duties as soon as we got back in the car.


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