Saturday, February 27, 2016


As usual December was a whirlwind of activity with friends and family.  As will be evident from the less-than-stellar photography below, I didn't bring out my "big" camera once the entire month. 

Maybe that was one of the contributing factors to a more peaceful and less stressful December than usual. Or maybe it was due to knocking out the Christmas gift list early. Or possibly because the long car rides to visit family were so much better thanks to three littles who all love to watch movies now.

For many, many reasons, we're grateful for the beautiful season!

Lake Highlands Christian Christmas Program

The twin-littles' class - the Crickets - actually performed this time as well, but we learned from Reid's time in the Crickets' class that it's best if they do NOT see mommy and daddy in the audience. 

Needless to say, it was tough to get a very good picture of them. In the photo below Hunter's in the middle looking for his brother (I think), and Jack's on the end sitting in Ms. Sandy's lap.

Another successful picture with the "real" Santa.
The boys had several opportunities to sit in the big guy's lap this year. Santa came to their school one day, and even Hunter consented this time.

The Honeybee Class
The Cricket Class

And I guess he was as excited as we were that Ryan and his family came to visit because Santa made a very special pre-Christmas trip to Larchcrest this year.

This was the first (and almost the last) picture I snapped during our Christmas in Arlington. I put my phone down for a second after this, and didn't pick it up again until.... was time to say good bye.
Christmas at home.

These boys LOVE getting new kicks!
We picked up Uncle Sean en route to Corpus. Ear plugs anyone?
Grandpa Lou and Grandma DeeDee put them to work as soon as we arrived.

My arteest at work.

Sweet (and smiley) Cousin Jeremiah!
Jack loved the pants that Uncle Josh & Aunt Regina got him so much that he just had to change right then and there.

Ready for the big guy to come.

Left overs anyone?
"Look Mom! He came!"

Watching Grandpa Lou & Dad play with fireworks.
Post Christmas visit to Arlington

Our Mavs' game winnings

Celebrating Uncle Brent's birthday as we prepared to ring in the new year.