Monday, January 9, 2017

Joshua & Regina's Wedding Day

Joshua & Regina
The Sorensen Ranch
Saturday, November 26, 2016

This guy is ready for his mom & dad's big day!

 Mr. & Mrs. Sorensen

Congratulations to the wonderful couple. It was such an amazing night!
(keep an eye on the smiling, happy lady on the right)


Saturday, January 7, 2017

November's Highlight Reel

This is our first year of "real" soccer, and it is definitely intense! Reid loves being the "captain" and doing the coin flip at the beginning of the game (or Rock, Paper, Scissors when the referee's coin is MIA).

Warming up
Paw Patrol was in action as well.
Blocking the closet door because, "I not go to school today. I stay home with you, mom."

Pre-church smiles
And hugs
And then this. Yes, Jack, we understand!
We gathered all of Poppy & Jo Anne's great grandchildren together to grace the cover of their Christmas card this year. Once we got that stinker in red to cooperate, it turned out pretty cute.
We'll take it!
We attempted the whole fam as well, but this is the best we were able to get. At least the youngest in the group was cooperating!

Reid organized his Imaginext his bathroom.
Hunter's Gratitude Turkey
Jack's Gratitude Turkey
Reid successfully had an entire week with no (bad behavior) note home, so he was rewarded with this. He has been itching to start martial arts for two years now!
Tai Kwan Do
Dress rehearsal for Uncle Josh and Aunt Regina's wedding
Pre-Thanksgiving celebration with the Andersens and Powells. These boys sure know how to ham it up for Aunt Michelle's camera!

Day before we hit the road for Corpus Christi. Message to Daddy while he worked and we played.
Here we go!
First thing's first upon arrival to Grandpa Lou's and DeeDee's
Playing with the cousins
Edible turkey art

Chess with Grandpa Lou
Snuggles with Bentley
Fun with Uncle Josh
Fried turkey anyone?
Happy Casserole Thanksgiving!

Door decor in the Grasshopper's classroom at LHCCEC

Paw Patrol - Fall 2016