Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Family of Three

Aunt Lanie was gracious enough to provide one last photo shoot of our little family of three.  It was late in the day (after school and work), but she still managed to get some smiles out of the boy.  

Thanks Aunt Lanie!  This mommy will cherish these photos forever!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dinner with Our Only Child

Wouldn't you know, just as our only child is getting better at the "eating out" process (no iPad needed on this occasion), we're getting ready to add two more little rascals to the Andersen fam.  

I wonder if we'll ever be able to go out to eat again?!?!  ;)

As you will see from this video, the boy wasn't too fond of the horse ride. My favorite part of the video is when he says, "Bye neigh neigh."  That's his way of saying bye to the horse in an attempt to convey to his parents that he is DONE with this little game!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twin-Littles' Baby Shower

In April (31 weeks pregnant) my wonderful sorority sisters were so thoughtful to host a baby shower in honor of the twin-littles.  

My sincere love and gratitude goes out to Brandy Lee, Ginger, Kourtny and Daniela for all their hard work and for the love they always put into everything they do.  

I'm so blessed to have wonderful girlfriends in my life!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter Sunday

Since we've made it to May, I figured it was about time I finish our Easter posts!

After church on Easter Sunday, we headed to Arlington for our *official* Easter celebration.  

Aunt Amy's helping Reid get ready for his big Easter egg hunt
 Ready, set, GO!
 Reid was excited to see that these eggs actually had stuff in them.
 The Easter bunny must be very tall!
 Thankfully, daddy's tall too!

 "Look dad!"
 Swinging with Poppy
 Uncle Travis and Aunt Amy are expecting!  
So excited to find out whether Reid, Baby A & Baby B will have a BOY cousin or a GIRL cousin!?!?!?