Monday, July 15, 2013

Reid's Classroom Birthday Party

Due to the fact that we weren't quite sure when the twin-littles would be gracing us with their presence in this world, I booked Reid's official 2nd birthday party for the weekend after his birthday weekend in order to buy myself a little extra time.  

In hindsight, I'm so glad I did this because as we know now, the babes waited longer than everyone expected.

Fortunately, on his actual birthday I was able to host a small "party" in his classroom at school.  The director and teachers there are so accommodating and easy-going.  They were happy to let me bring in a few goodies for snack time as well as some balloons to put the "party" in high gear.

And that it did!

The kids in his class are so sweet!  As soon as I came to the door with an arm full of colorful balloons, they all started screaming (for joy), chanting & pointing "Reid's mom, Reid's mom, Reid's mom!"  It's so sweet how they will run up to Reid to tell him that his mom is here.  :)

I brought mixed fruit, birthday cupcakes, Elmo juice boxes and of course balloons for everyone.

Reid's favorite was the Lightning McQueen balloon (special for the birthday boy) and the Elmo juice boxes.  Since he's only had juice on a couple of previous occasions, he was SO excited.  In fact, he had two juice boxes (birthday boy privileges).

Take note that in the next three photos, you'll be able to see that Reid ate all his fruit first & then with mommy's help took a couple of bites of his cupcake.  The rest ended up in the trash.  Is it bad that this made me proud?!?!

 LOVING his Elmo juice box!
 Balloon mania
 Cute Brady!
 Baxter is a sweetie!
 So excited about his McQueen balloon
 It was thanks to these lovely ladies (& their amazing mama) that I was able to spend an hour at Reid's school celebrating his birthday.  Thank you Brandy Lee, Ava & Liz!
Here's a little video to give you an idea of all the excitement in the room.  After you've watched the video once (to see sweet Reid's reactions, of course), you must watch it a second time.  

Take note of the two girls (the only two girls in his classroom right now).  Beatrice (red head) and Sawyer (blonde) are so cute!  They are the primary birthday song dancers and singers in this video, and they do a stellar job of serenading the birthday boy!


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Grandma DeeDee said...

Happy birthday Reid-Reid. Such joy and happiness from the birthday boy. I just have to smile watching him get so much joy from his birthday balloon. You are so blessed to have such good friends and such great loving babysitters (cute too). Hugs and Kisses.