Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reid's 1st Easter

Reid took his 2nd ever airplane trip to Corpus Christi for the Easter bunny's arrival. We had so much fun making the Corpus rounds.  He got to visit with lots of family - the Sorensens, Whetstones, Aguirres, Barnes, Deavers and the McCools.  

Thank you to all our family for making our Corpus visit so fun!

So excited to be in Corpus and off the plane!

Helping Mimi cut Grandpa's food {actually I think Reid wanted to share Grandpa's food}
We love you, Grandpa Gary!  Reid and mommy pray for you every day!

Look who's walking!  So cute!
Reading with Nanny
Nanny's house is fun!  Selling it is certainly bittersweet.
Cute tushes

Happy birthday, Penny!

There's always time for a Reid nap.  Love those footsies!

Our best attempt at a photo op with all the cutie pies
Someone was not having it!  Sweet Kyndal & Kaylyn swooped in to the rescue.  And curious Chloe couldn't have cared less what was going on behind her.
Uncle Tony always makes it better!

This may be Nanny's last porch photo as the owner of Floyd Street.  
Sell, sell, sell!
This is what Reid woke up to on Easter morning.  The Easter bunny knows exactly what he likes!
So excited for the day ahead
Checking out his loot

"Borrowing" his cousin's Easter egg.  I imagine he's intrigued by the color orange.  Dad doesn't allow it in the house, so Reid's orange exposure is fairly low.  :)
Love those big, brown eyes!
William's comfortable with his manhood
Easter eggs with Great Uncle Bobby
He was not happy when his great uncle left him though
All better!



Hope said...

Nana enjoyed the company of all family so much !! Babies sure do brighten one's day. Love you Reid, Michelle and Jeff, thank you for coming from so far to see us.

Grandma DeeDee said...

We had such a great visit this Easter, Thank you so much for making it happen. Jeff and Michelle, you are so wonderful with your young warrior (aka "the boy")it just makes our hearts sing to see you with him. If smiles are any indication of happiness, we know that Reid is one of the happiest young men around. Hugs and Kisses.