Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas with the Andersens

On Saturday we celebrated Christmas a little early in Arlington with the Andersens. With family, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, a delish Christmas dinner, a winning football game and lots of fun presents for everyone, we started the season off with a bang!

Our greatest gift
Already skilled at the art of unwrapping
Taking a break from all the action to read with grandpa...although Reid had something else in mind {see mouth & surrounding clothing for clue}
Relaxing with grandma while his stomach settles
Waiting patiently as his Aunt Amy opens the cool toy she gave him - Cookie Shape Surprise
Skype anyone?
Bentley nose there's something in there for him too ;)
The first of MANY
"Assembly Required"
Travis is a good supervisor
Somebody left goodies in Reid's stocking
Anyone know who might be a tad bit jealous in this picture?
Trying out his first bike from grandma & grandpa
Notice the handy drink holder above the boy's head?  Daddy & son will get many hours of great use out of this toy, I'm sure.
His first Radio Flyer from Great Grandma Jo Anne & Great Grandpa Poppy
The morning after
My little monkey

Off to Central Market to prepare for our next Christmas celebration...To Be Continued


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Grandma DeeDee said...

Such a wonderful first Christmas with loving family. It looks like everyone had a great time. Can't wait to see how much Reid has grown and changed. See you soon Tumblereid. Hugs and Kisses.