Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Six Months!

The Reid Report:
  • He's been reaching for items such as toys and bibs for some time, but now he's reaching for smaller things like necklace charms and noses {no comment} as well as for people too!  He starts by reaching one arm out for you, and sometimes he'll reach them both out.  So sweet!
  • He loves to examine his hand.  He turns it around to see it from different angles.  So cute!
  • More babbling...added "th" to his vocab. 
  • He sits up with help from the boppy.  Mrs. Connie practices this with him a lot at school.
  • Unless he's hungry, dirty or sleepy, he is a very happy baby!
  • He loves Mickey Mouse.
  • He had his first overnight away from mom & dad.  Aunt Amy babysat while we attended dad's company Christmas party in the design district downtown. It was a rough day leading up to it (for guess who), but once we were in the "party" mode, all was good.  Although, I don't think Jeff & I have ever been so excited to get up early in the morning and leave a hotel.  We couldn't wait to get back to our sweet boy. Thanks Aunt Amy for giving us a night away to play with other grown ups!  
  • I've read a lot about how difficult it might be for babies to start solid foods. I guess they haven't met sweet Reid.  From day one, he's loved every "solid" food we've introduced to him in pureed form of course. So far he's had butternut squash, avocado, sweet potatoes & green peas.
  • Mommy's milk supply is beginning to lag behind baby's demand, so we're going to start supplementing the breast milk with formula.  I'm thankful for six full months of solely breastfeeding.  I still remember the pre-Reid days when I would simply pray that I'd be able to give our baby the nourishment, nutrients & antibodies he needed.  More prayers answered....thank you, God!
  • I'm always afraid to comment on this because I would hate to jinx it, but our little guy is sleeping so well.  For the last week, we haven't had to go in his nursery at all during the night.  Each night, he may {or may not} wake up only once, but now he soothes himself back to sleep all by himself (and it only takes a minute or two).  He's such a big boy!

Daddy sent mommy this picture while she was away for work
6 months old!
My boys

This is Reid's current schedule although there is one event that is no more - the late afternoon/early evening cat nap.  He's been able to cut it down to two naps a day most days - one in the morning for about an hour & one in the afternoon for about two hours.
Daddy braved the six month photo shoot all by himself since mommy was still out of town on business the day Reid turned six months.  He did a great job not only with the photo shoot but with their first ever daddy/son alone time. I flew home that evening, but of course my sweet six month old was sound asleep.

I couldn't resist this one because I KNOW he's checking out his pups hanging out at the door.  Hudson has gotten in the habit of sticking his entire nose through the gate and resting it on the floor.
The boy and his bear

Looks like the cutie patooties won out!

Happy six months my darling boy!  Mommy & daddy love you!



HOPE said...

What a beautiful baby! I don't get tired of looking at his precious face. Nana Hope loves him too !!

HOPE said...

What a beautiful baby! I don't get tired of looking at his precious face. Nana Hope loves him too !!