Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cousin Cooper is ONE!

Reid's second cousin, Cooper, lives in San Diego, but we were lucky enough to get to attend his 1st birthday party here in Texas.

It was SO much fun, and Reid loved all the cute whales.  With his current love for Finding Nemo, the whale theme was perfect for our 2 year old.

Unfortunately, sweet Coop was feeling under the weather, so we didn't even get a photo of him before he had to retire to his crib for a get-well-soon nap.  

We hope to see you again very soon, Cooper!

It's official - Reid associates juice boxes with birthday parties because that's the only time our poor, deprived son gets to have them.

Aunt Kathleen was so sweet to stay inside with the babies while mom and dad hung out by the pool with Reid.

 Such a lonely chair without the birthday boy and his smash cake.
 Despite the look on Jack's face, mama-to-be Julia did an excellent job cousin-sitting!


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