Friday, August 9, 2013

Independence Day

On July 2nd, Jeff and I decided to begin the almighty baby schedule.  

Even if my 12-hour-a-night-sleeping Reid wasn't God-given proof that the schedule works, having two babies to care for is all the more reason to have them on a schedule. It's all about knowing what to expect - for both the babes and the parents.

We couldn't have started working the schedule at a better time too.  Thanks to only two days worth, we were able to enjoy our 4th of July celebration at Grandpa's & JoJo's house.

As I relaxed on a lounge chair in the sun, I imagined what this day will be like 2-3 years from now.  Although I truly am enjoying them now, I can't wait until my three boys are old enough to enjoy each other's company.  

What fun they will all have together!  And what great sleep mom and dad will have too!

Happy Independence Day!


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