Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

For the record, I did not make a special trip to Reid's school for this.  I was passing by Dealey earlier today on my way to a 1:00 pm appointment, looked down at my watch, noticed it was 12:15 pm {nap time in room 5!} and made the split second decision to pop in for a {harmless} peek.  The thought of my baby sleeping bars-free on a cot was just too much for me to accept without seeing it with my own eyes.

*Side note: I had to take the flash-free photos from outside the class room window {lest I risk waking a room full of sleeping 1-2 year olds!}. The super imposed image of the crib you see in both photos is actually a reflection from inside the infant room that is behind where I'm standing to take the picture.  There are definitely no cribs in Reid's new room.

See that cute little thing with the green shirt peeking out of the blue astronaut/spaceship nap sack?  That's my sweet, baby boy.  You can also see his light blue lovey laying to the right side of his head.  

Oh and also, for the record, I did not get back in my car, look at the photos I had just taken and get teary-eyed just thinking about him sleeping there so peacefully.


Dear Reid,

Why yes, your mom is crazy!

Stay in the Light.




Grandma DeeDee said...

Sweet dream precious warrior. Are you dreaming of slaying mighty dragons, or flying through space in your spaceship? Even the strongest warrior/astronaut needs to recharge the body, so sleep peacefully and dreams happy dreams. Hugs and Kisses. (ps - pay no attention to the crazy lady behind the curtain/window).

Anonymous said...


I love you..

Stay in the Light,

Uncle Joe
P.S. Grandma DeeDee..Guerrero means warrior so Baby Reid definitely has some warrior blood in him lol...Guncle Joe