Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iphone ipurge

This is how you will typically find Reid's most prized possessions - all lined up {and organized} on his highchair.  Ready for the next meal or snack!
Our first outing with the twin-littles in a "normal" stroller.  They seemed to enjoy it much better than their claustrophobic car seats.
As Grandma Deedee so perfectly captioned:
"unconditional love"
Those are some big shoes to fill, but I know our little warrior is up to the challenge.
Jeff *sacrificed* his birthday money this year for a *family* TV in the game room upstairs.
The things daddy will do for the benefit of the *whole* family.  We love our daddy!
Reid - "Watch the new TV, daddy, watch the new TV!"

Five years wonderful
Anniversary dinner at Charlie Palmer


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