Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lake Highlands Christian Child Enrichment Center

On September 2nd, Reid attended his first day of school at Lake Highlands Christian Child Enrichment Center. 

This wonderful Christian-based school has a waiting list a MILE long!  In fact, before we transitioned to Fair Oaks earlier this year, LHCCEC was on a 1-1.5 year waiting list for Reid's age group.  

As good fortune would have it, two families (one had 3 children and the other had 2 children attending the school) recently moved from the Lake Highlands neighborhood, so guess who secured a spot in the Crickets' (young 2s) class???

If you've never seen a working mom gush with happiness, you should have seen me the day we found out the wonderful news.  Just ask my very patient husband. I think I told him no less than 20 times how very excited I was!

There are SO many things that Jeff and I love about this school - from the Christian curriculum to the separate cafeteria (for all meals & snacks) to the wonderful outdoor play areas geared towards the children's ages to the amazing teachers and staff to the summer program.

Yes, I said "summer program!"  Once Reid is in elementary school, he will be able to attend LHCCEC full-time during the summer.  That means only ONE drop off and pick up for all three boys.  Yay for mommy and daddy!  :)

If you can't tell, Jeff and I couldn't be more thrilled for this new time in Reid's and later, in the twin-littles' lives.  Thank God for schools that give moms peace of mind as they leave their children in other people's care each day.

On the Friday before Reid's first day at his new school, we spent an hour visiting and playing with his new classmates.  What a FUN time we had!

Reid's current, favorite part of his new school - the water fountain!

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