Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ella & Wells' 2nd Birthday Party

My how time flies!  Kourtny & John's babies are TWO!?  Can it really be?  

Well considering Reid was only 1.5 and I was pregnant with the twin-littles at their first birthday party (see post here), I guess so!

Although it was quite cold and a little rainy, it didn't stop us from having a fun time with all our friends at Ella & Wells' birthday party at Chicken Scratch.  

What it did stop us from doing was getting very many good, quality photos.  I preferred to have my hands in my pockets than on my camera.  I know, I know, some photographer I am!  Brrrr!

Yep, you're seeing clearly.  A plate full of fried goodness and he has the tomato in his hand.  In fact, I think he polished off all the tomatoes from the kid's buffet of foods.  He wasn't too interested in the rest of it.  Whose kid is this anyway?
 Determined to get those candles lit
 Sweet Ella Lane

 All grown up!  Ashlyn & her little brother, Paxton
 Birthday boy, Wells.  Those cheeks!

 Lainey showing off her skills
 This is Ella & Wells' nanny, Izzy.  Our nanny, Miss Maggie, is friends with Izzy.  We're grateful to her for introducing us to Maggie!  And yes, the girl has some incredible hoola hoop skills!


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