Sunday, June 8, 2014

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The secret to a peaceful haircut for our little warrior.
 Jack's 1st haircut
 Big boy haircut
 Our Master Puzzler!

 Here's hoping and praying this is the only time we find our striped duo stuck behind bars.

 As I went over to pick up and comfort a crying-Hunter following a little tumble and head bump, Reid ran over to the freezer and was asking for veggies (or so I thought!).  I said, "I'll get you some veggies in a minute.  Just let me take care of your brother first because he bumped his head." 

 After several seconds of persisting (and with the freezer door held wide open), I finally paid more attention to what Reid was trying to do.  He was struggling to pull a bag of frozen veggies out of the freezer.  He ran over to where we were sitting, held it out and said "for Hunter, mommy, for Hunter!"  

Talk about a melted heart.  Thankfully, daddy was very close by and was able to snap a quick photo while Reid held the ice pack for his baby brother.
 Mowing the yard with his buddy, John Crosby.
 John's going to be a big brother soon!
 Practicing his stance with dad.
 Bath time fun!
 Gathering on the porch to watch the incoming storm.
 silly boys!

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