Thursday, July 3, 2014

iphone ipurge

Memorial Day weekend fun at JoJo's and Grandpa Kim's!
 One of Reid's favorite phrases when he's about to do something "risky" (like jump off the coffee table) "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Happy Memorial Day!

On this day one year ago, we were "relaxing" at home anxiously awaiting 0730 the next morning - Check-In time at BUMC.

They did NOT appreciate their family-sung BIRTHday song!
 May 28th
 Birthday kisses for baby brother before big brother leaves for school.

 One of their favorite things to do right now…each in their preferred positions.
 Helping dad water the lawn...
 …and the patio.
 Lazy boys
 Reid in motion!

 Grateful for the quadruple cart (and NO, we are NOT considering trying to fill the 4th seat)!
And grateful for a handy and helpful dad! 
Behold, our triple stroller.


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