Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We made it!  
 Pre-massage oils
 Jeff's view from the golf course.  He quickly discovered it's not the best location for golfing.  It even gives the Windy City a run for its money!

 Our Canadian friends. Ryan works for STERIS.
 These guys were living in luxury!
 Don't mind if I do.
 What better way to celebrate a birthday than in Aruba!
 Birthday cake #1
 Birthday dinner
 Birthday cake #2

 Team Texas Hexawave Award Winners

View of our hotel: The Ritz-Carlton (not even a year old!)

 Um.  What's that in my drink?!?

 View from the hotel bar
 Birthday cake #3…two days later (they stored it for us at the restaurant).

Best way to bring an amazing vacation to a close?  Dinner at the Flying Fishbone, of course!

Leaving "One Happy Island"
 That yellow(ish) blob in the middle of the photo is the Ritz-Carlton.


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