Friday, October 9, 2015

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June 18th - June 30th

 Donuts with Dad at LHCCEC

 Sunglasses Day at LHCCEC
 Summer is full of all sorts of fun at school! Snow Cone Day is one of the favorites for sure!

Cute Grasshoppers: Peyton, Reid, Ali and Rowan

 Friday dinner at MiCo - a fave of the whole family (think Mambo Taxis!)

Sweet Hunter is sharing his coveted fruit bites with Dad.

 "Hold on, Mom, I'm just checking my O2 levels."
 Summer is for snow cones!
 And pickles of course!

 Reid went to Kidventure summer camp for two weeks, and he did awesome! Mom got to pack his lunch for the first time ever.  It was fun (temporarily of course!).
On Friday of his first week of camp, his group had a little performance. Reid's slacker parents had meetings they couldn't miss, but one of his school friend's moms sent me this short video.


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