Sunday, May 15, 2016

January's Highlight Reel

 Visiting the Perot Museum with Uncle Brent and Aunt Jamye before they had to return to San Diego. 

Wrestle-mania is popular in our house these days.
 And so is brotherly love in the form of helping each other get ready for school 
(aka. "I get to use the water bottle and the brush on someone else!")
 The twin-littles have entered the stage of wanting to pick out their own clothes.  This is one *JOY* of toddlerhood that Reid did NOT prepare us for. He never really cared and for the most part, still doesn't.
 On January 21, 2016, we welcomed our newest cousin Eli Andersen Powell to the family. We couldn't have dreamed up a sweeter addition than this little man!

When Uncle Joe comes to Dallas to visit, we're always in for a fantastic (trio) date night.
 At the Dallas airport en route to Corpus for my grandmother's 80th birthday party.
This is where the boys get to go when mommy's away - Chuck E. Cheese!

Happy 80th!!

 Little Liam!

 Herein lies one of the problems with "sick" days when they are not actually feeling the least bit sick. The next morning while getting ready for school, Hunter said, "I sick, mom. I need go to work with you again."

Believe it or not, there were so many gorgeous days in January fitting for the Dallas Zoo.
 The boys' favorite zoo "attraction."

Celebrating Terrill's birthday at the Shooter Jennings' concert.

Reid had his first TOTS (Teams in Training) performance at the American Airlines Center. He loved every minute of it!

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