Friday, May 25, 2012

1st REAL Haircut

Reid's very 1st {pseudo} haircut was in January right before his Baptism, but it was just a quick snip, snip of the hair over his ears. Today daddy got off work a little early, so we went to Snip Its for Reid's 1st real {big boy} haircut.  He did SO well!  He was definitely a wiggle worm, but Nadia, his very patient and friendly hairstylist, was very impressed that he didn't even cry once.  Such a big boy. He was totally intrigued by what was going on though.  Thankfully, there were lots and lots of bubbles.  :)

Forgive the low quality photos. Mommy only had her phone camera with her.  Oops!

 "Hmmm, wonder what this lady is planning to do with that shiny toy in her hand???"
 Here we go!
 "Look how good I'm being, mom!"

 A little mousse to seal the deal




Anonymous said...

What a handsome little boy ! So well behaved too, I love him so !!

Hope said...

What a handsome little boy, and so well behaved too !! I love him so !!

Grandma DeeDee said...

He looks so grown up, all ready for his first birthday. Hugs and Kisses.