Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Eleven Months!

The Reid Report:
  • I am a ravenous eater!  I'll eat just about anything you put in front of me, and I weigh a whopping 23 lbs!
  • I have six teeth now, and I have two more on the bottom that have just erupted.
  • I make a new sound - it's kind of like the sound you make when you roll your "R"s, but mom says I sound more like a rattlesnake than a Spanish speaker.
  • I like to walk/run behind my toy walker.
  • I love standing up on my own, and I'm getting steadier by the day.  I can even take 2-3 steps at a time usually towards mommy, daddy or my favorite toy - the remote control! I can also squat down and stand back up without toppling over.
  • My hair is getting so long!  Mommy suggested that we possibly cut it right before my first birthday party, but I'm not sure if daddy will let her.  
  • I only drink one bottle a day before bedtime because I drink formula out of a big boy {sippy} cup now.  I only have one more month left of formula, and then I get to drink big boy {whole} milk.  For some reason, mom and dad get so excited when we talk about this transition.
  • I eat the same lunch at school that all the big kids eat too {with a few exceptions and dad crossed through some of the fun stuff on our lunch menu like fried chicken and tropical fruit cocktail}.  They say the fruit cocktail is really "sugary ick" disguised as fruit, but I'm not worried.  A little birdie told me I'm going to get my fair share of sugary goodness in just a few short weeks {aka. smash cake!}. 
  • My favorite thing of all time is to be on the go.  I love to explore, and sometimes my parents call me "curious george."  Some of my favorite things to go after are the remote control, the dog bowls (especially the water bowl) and the night lights.
  • One thing mom and dad are happy about - I seem to have pushed my bedtime about 30 minutes later now.  I like to eat dinner around 5:30pm, take my bath around 7pm and be fast asleep by 7:30pm (after my bedtime bottle of course).

Only picture mom could get of me sitting still :)

 "I love my teddy bear!"

 "Look mom!  I'm smiling for the camera."
 "Hey! Where are you going with my bear?!?"



Hope said...

I can't wait to see you running all around my house darling Reid. I'm also going to child proof the house.LOve,and kisses.Nana

Grandma DeeDee said...

Is it ok to call a boy beautiful?, because you is. What a wonderfully expressive face, can almost hear the wheels turning. Reid, you are growing so fast it's hard to remember you at 7lbs. I bet life is so fun for you and your puppies, can just imagine all the mischief the three of you will get into now that you are walking, because running comes next. Look out world. Hugs and Kisses.