Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

June 14, 2012

The Reid Report:
  • I'm ONE!
  • I enjoy playing with balls, and I'm really good at throwing them too {along with other toys as well}.
  • I still only take one bottle at night {because my pediatrician told mommy she could keep giving it to me for a couple of more months, but the sippy cup works just fine if you ask me}.  Oh and NO MORE FORMULA!  I only drink whole milk now.
  • I'm really good at waving "bye bye." 
  • I'm a walking maniac!  I walk all over the place, and I'm getting better and better by the day.  Although when I'm tired, I stumble more, and mom likes to call me "stumble reid" instead of "tumble reid" like my Grandma DeeDee started calling me when I first started rolling over.
  • I love giving big hugs.
  • I'm still in the infant class room 1 at school, but I've started practicing sleeping on my nap mat at nap times.  I had one good day - slept on it for almost 2 hours - but since then I haven't done so well.  My teachers told mommy and daddy that they'd keep trying though.  I have to sleep on my nap mat before I can transition to the pre-toddler class.  I'm going to be in class room 5 by the way.  Mom is SO excited!
  • I like to mimic people's emotions.  The one I enjoy the most is the big, hardy LOL!  :)  When other people are laughing, I like to open my mouth wide, throw my head back and laugh right back at them.  Everyone seems to think that's pretty funny.
  • I have 8 teeth now, and I really like touching other people's teeth.  I even say "tee, tee" when I'm touching them.  Mommy thinks this could be my first official real word.
  • When Daddy drops me off at school in the morning, the ducks are usually walking around close to my school entrance.  Dad brings bread from home so we can feed the ducks their breakfast.  I like to say "du, du" when we feed the ducks.
  • On the not-so-fun side of being one - I do not enjoy my car seat. I used to be fairly well-behaved in it, but now, I can't tolerate it for even a few minutes. Mom and dad have to be on top of their "distraction" game in order to keep me somewhat content.  I've heard them say that hopefully it's "just a phase."  I'll show them....
  • Since I'm still learning to speak and I haven't mastered sign language yet, I like to GRUNT to tell people when I want something. This is another thing mom and dad hope is "just a phase."  My favorite times to grunt are when I want my cup, my food, or I want to do something that mom and dad aren't letting me do.  
  • I went to the pediatrician for my one year well visit, and my one year stats are:
Height: 29.6 inches (37th percentile)
Weight: 25 lbs 3 oz (93rd percentile)
Head circumference: 47.2 cm (80th percentile)

I'm ONE!

My first birthday = moving day!

"Can I go too, Uncle Sean?"


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Anonymous said...

Too cute for words. Since he's already in a box for the move, just ship him to Corpus Christi, we'll be sure to return him when he hits the terrible twos. Hugs and Kisses.