Friday, June 22, 2012


If you haven't noticed I've been a bit remiss with blog updates lately.

Here's why - in the last week we've done the following:

  • attended Reid's one year photo shoot
  • celebrated his 1st birthday!
  • closed on our new house
  • coordinated contractors at Ferndale & Larchcrest
  • welcomed family in town
  • moved
  • unpacked {mostly}
  • shopped
  • organized
  • cleaned
  • prepared
  • hosted Reid's 1st birthday party
  • attended the food truck rally at the Lake Highlands Town Center
  • celebrated Reid's wonderful daddy
  • celebrated our wonderful dads
  • attended Reid's 1st Ranger's game
  • worked {at our day jobs}
  • visited the pediatrician for Reid's one year well visit
  • oh...and slept...a little

I can't thank each of you enough for ALL you've done to help us through this long list of accomplishments over the past week.  You know who you are!  Among the blog delay, I am also late with thank you cards.  I plan to thank each and every one of you as you deserve.  I may just be accomplishing that a little slower than I like.  

For now please know that we are so incredibly grateful and blessed to have such amazing, supportive, loving family and friends who are there for us during such important life events.  

Our cup runneth over....


Hope said...

If I was younger, I would have stayed to help you. I know you are a lot like me and you like things in their place, specially when in such a beautiful home. Ilove you and Reid and Jeff !!

Anonymous said...

he is one happy boy..but i would be too with such loving the way, love the outfit!!! gruncle joe