Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Lil' Cleaner Upper

I guess all those times when I thought I was singing the "Clean Up" song to myself have actually paid off!  It's the rare occasion when I can sneak up on Reid during pick up at school.  I typically can't even get the door knob turned before he notices that I've arrived.  

One day last week while he was in the corner of the room preoccupied in the "kitchen" {his daddy's son}, I was able to catch a short video of his cleaning skills {his mommy's son}.  

One thing to note: just before I could get the video started {blasted!}, he was actually sitting IN the basket with all the "food" items.  He had just gotten out of the basket and spilled all the food items onto the floor when I finally started taking the video.



HOPE said...

Yes, children learn what they see their parents do. Reid does not like clutter !!

Jamye Renae Whetstone said...

This is just TOO CUTE!! I love how just as Reid gets one foot in the basket, he turns and smiles as he sees mommy standing across the room! Tehehe and then after he falls, he looks at his fallen kitchen toys, thinks for a second, smiles and quickly shakes his head and dashes towards mommy!! Just precious! Looks like Reid is acquiring all of his parents best qualities - cooking, organization, cleaning, and love!

Anonymous said...

Jamye I was going to post the same comments..I also love how once he saw his mother, his whole energy changed and he ran to Michelle..really touching..Gruncle Joe