Saturday, September 15, 2012

Surprises Galore!

While the Whetstone family was in town over the Labor Day weekend, Reid & mommy got a little surprise.  Since Aunt Jamye didn't get to make it to Reid's birthday party, she waited to give him his birthday present during her most recent visit.  

Although mommy loves the cute clothes and the monogrammed towel & the boy loves the bath time puppies, Aunt Jamye had Reid at the Mickey Mouse bag.  That was his favorite part of the gift.  He dragged that bag around for days.

Mommy's favorite part of the gift was actually a little gem we found at the bottom of the bag.  The pictures tell a better story than I do, so I'll shut up now.

The little gem at the bottom of the bag

Brent being the smart man that he is - proposed to my sister.  Jamye being the smart woman she is - said YES!  Hooray!

We are so very excited for the coming year!  It goes without saying that I'm thrilled to be my little sis' Matron of Honor.  What you didn't see was the card that went along with it.  This is where we discovered that Mr. Reid will be walking down the aisle again! Maybe this time he'll be able to make the long journey all by himself.  

We better start practicing!

Jamye & Brent ~ 

We couldn't be happier for two people who make such a beautiful, caring & loving couple, and we're thrilled to go on this journey with you.  To sisters, family, friendship & love...may you both always enjoy the same {with the exception of the sister part of course}.





Anonymous said...


Please tell Jayme congratulations from me..I have always loved Jayme and her beautiful spirit..He is one lucky man!! I am very happy for her and your family..

Gruncle Joe

Jamye Renae Whetstone said...

Reid did love the Mickey bag :) He used it as a portable toy chest for a few days, too cute! So happy I get to have two of my favorite people share in Brent and my wedding day. Love you, Michelle and Reid!

And thank you, Gruncle Joe! You are so kind! :)