Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Official...

...December has officially kicked my butt!  There are just too many things I've wanted to get accomplished and not enough time to accomplish them all.  

It's not like I didn't know December was approaching.  Alas, the celebrated month arrives at the same time every year...right after November.  

But more than usual this year, I've been chasing my tail like a pup with a flea at the end of it {sorry...I get tired of the chicken and his cut-off head reference}.

As you may have noticed {especially if your title has the word "grand" in it}, Reid's blog is just a tad bit behind.  

Mommy's playing catch-up today....
Merry, Merry!

1 comment:

Grandma DeeDee said...

Mom, don't worry, just remember, your doing some pretty amazing work right now, so you get to use the prego card, alot!!! Hugs and Kisses.