Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Claus

For the 2nd year in a row, we visited the Galleria for our Santa Claus photos.  This will definitely be a tradition for us.  

Even though Northpark IS my absolute favorite mall of all time and their Santa IS absolutely amazing, the "system" they have in place for seeing Santa (yes, there's a system) and the insane amount of time it can take is just not something this working mom can do.  Well, I guess if I took a day off work for the occasion I could make it happen...

Anyway, we love the Galleria Santa.  Not to mention all the other bonuses of this location:
  • Dad can race to meet us there after work
  • We can park in our favorite Galleria/Nordstrom parking garage where we always find a good spot
  • Did I say Nordstrom?  Yes, Santa is located right outside Nordstrom on Level 2
  • Speaking of levels, just outside Nordstrom on Level 3 is one of the mall's food courts as well as a play area for the kiddos (similar to the one Reid played at with his cousins in Corpus that I wrote about on this post.)
  • So once we've filled our bellies and expended some energy, we can jump back in the stroller and head to Level 2 to meet dad and Santa.

In preparation to see Santa, look who got chicken nuggets for dinner.

Waiting in line to see jolly old St. Nick

As our friendly Santa put it, "Don't worry mom, this photo {crying} is a right of passage for every child."  Thanks, Santa, for the reassurance!  :)

 He calmed down a bit after a few seconds, but he still looks P.I.T.I.F.U.L!!!


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Grandma DeeDee said...

Can't wait to see next year's pictures. Reid will have it all figured out by then. Let's see how the twins like Santa. Hugs and Kisses.