Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fair Oaks Spring Fling

The Fair Oaks Spring Fling was the first holiday party mommy got to attend at Reid's new school (I missed the Valentine's Day & little St. Patty's Day parties).

Although I missed the actual egg hunt (gasp!) because I was 15 minutes late, I got to spend some quality time with them on the playground as well as back in the classroom for music lessons and lunch time.  

I figured if I left while they were eating lunch, there would be no tears shed.  Think again, Michelle.  Other than that sad moment, we had a great time!  There are some cute little tikes in Reid's class too!

All boy!  He spent at least 5 minutes doing this.

Then he decided to show off his fence climbing skills to the girls (no, this is not allowed).

Back inside for music time while the teachers assembled their Easter lunches.

Wow!  We could all take tips from Ms. Maudie on how to corral a group of active toddlers.
Reid's fave time of day.  Take a look at that plate.  What do YOU think he'll go for first?
Yep, you guessed it...the cookie! Mommy was happy that he took a few bites and moved on from it fairly quickly (surprisingly of course!).  I'm hoping that means he doesn't have that crazy sweet tooth that I had while I was pregnant with him.
More music time action



Hope said...

What a cutie !! I laughed till I cried watching Reid dancing !!

Grandma DeeDee said...

Looks like Reid is having a great time at his new school. Good work, Mom and Dad. You can really tell what part of the song he likes best. What a charmer. Hugs and Kisses.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with mom and Grandma DeeDee, I was laughing outloud watching Reid dance with that big smile on his face...I love his dance steps!!
Big hugs!! Gruncle Joe