Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lake Highlands Estates Neighborhood Association - Easter Egg Hunt

Just when you thought we'd had enough practice with the art of the Easter egg hunt, think again!

Our neighborhood association puts on an Easter egg hunt (complete with an appearance by the Easter bunny and of course, the petting zoo animals) every year.  They do a wonderful job of splitting up the egg hunting by age group.

By now, Reid's mastered the art, for sure!  I have no doubt that by next year, he'll be collecting eggs for his brothers as well.

Heading to Wallace Elementary (Reid's future school) for the egg hunt.
 Saying hi to his neighborhood friend, Clay, who he first met during Halloween last year.
You can see the cute trick or treaters together on this blog post.

This egg hunter doesn't need his mommy or daddy slowing him down.

He doesn't discriminate by color either!

Mommy said this a lot - "Soft touches, soft touches"
"Look dad, I caught the Easter bunny!"

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Grandma DeeDee said...

He's growing up so fast, I bet he'll be a big help when his brothers arrive. So glad the weather was nice for the Easter Egg Hunt. Hugs and Kisses.