Monday, February 17, 2014

Infant Recognition Sunday at First Church

As you may recall from this blog post in January of 2012, the Sunday after Reid's baptism was Infant Recognition Sunday.  

In a similar turn of events, the Sunday after Jack & Hunter's baptism was Infant Recognition as well.  

Infant Recognition Sunday is the day when the First Church congregation honors all the infants born or adopted during the previous year.

Just like with Reid, it was so refreshing and encouraging to be reminded of the beautiful and supportive church family we belong to.

And just like with Reid, we again had many friends standing at the chancel rail alongside us with their babies born in 2013 (but sadly I was only able to capture a photo of a couple of them and their babes).  

We feel truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group.


Ready for another round at the chancel rail (but exhausted because they missed their morning nap).

Reid dressed up for the occasion too (even though all his fun was had in the nursery!).
Thanks to a sweet friend, we were able to get a couple of snapshots of our little stars being honored by their church family.


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