Tuesday, February 11, 2014

iphone ipurge

Photo shoot with the boys in their Phoenix Coyotes hockey jerseys…compliments of the Brown Family.  We love you Chris, Candy, Christopher & Chase!

Such hams!
Someone likes big brother's chair!

In late January we had a power outage one evening just as we were beginning bath time with the boys.

Let's just say, without artificial light, it was pitch black in our house.

This is when improvisation kicks in.

Hunter was already in the bath tub filled with warm water when the power went out, so the other two ended up having to bathe in the same bath water lest they take a cold dip.  Reid thought it was SO fun bathing in the "baby" tub.

Thanks to battery backed up sound machines, iPhone flashlights & daddy's mega-manly flashlight, we got all three bathed, dressed & to bed within minutes of their regularly scheduled bed time.  

Once all was right with the rug rats upstairs, we headed downstairs to resume our normally scheduled evening activities.  Well, sort of.  Fortunately, daddy had already prepared the "taco" portion of our taco salad, so dinner was practically ready and waiting for us. 

Romantic, candlelight dinner in the middle of the week.  Why not?!? Fortunately, just as it was starting to get chilly in the house {around 11:00pm}, the power returned.
Photo shoot fun with Dallas Moms Blog

Our little soccer star showing off his matching socks from DeeDee and Grandpa Lou (and he's always quick to add "and Uncle Sean & Uncle Anthony too, mommy!").
Snow day!

Watching Cars from the Cars chair that JoJo & Grandpa Kim got him. Notice his resourcefulness to keep his milk cup from blocking his view?
Our little sitter-uppers
Will work for milk.
For the record, this was the boy's idea!

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