Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dolfin 1 Graduate

Reid's last class (for now) at Dolfin Swim School on December 18th was bittersweet.

Bitter - our all-time favorite swim coach, Mr. Samer, graduated from seminary and is headed to Atlanta to follow his calling.  We will always treasure his presence in our lives.

Sweet - Reid graduated from his Dolfin 1 class!  

Normally, Reid would be moving up to Dolfin 2 now, but we're taking a little sabbatical so that he can try his hand (feet!) at a new Thursday afternoon adventure - Soccer Palz!  

Soccer Palz starts in late January, and Reid is definitely looking forward to it!  The best part about it - the soccer coach hosts the sessions at LHCCEC during school hours, so mom doesn't have to worry about whether or not she can get done with work in time.  

 Oliver, Reid, Mr. Samer & Larkin
 In case you can't tell, this is Reid as he started to cry.  He kept asking, "but Mr. Samer will come back in January, right?"  It was so incredibly sad but also very heartwarming at the same time. 
 Ringing the bell for his graduation from Dolfin 1.


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