Saturday, January 10, 2015

iphone ipurge

We had a quick mini-session with one of our favorite B&W photogs - Ian Cole.  Although we didn't love many of the photos that came from the session (=  less than cooperative littles!), there were a few worth sharing.

T-Rex is alive and well!

Yep, this was the best we could do!
Brotherly love?
You betcha!
Guess who is also sleeping on a big boy nap mat at school now? Before we know it, our little Steppers will be transitioning to the Explorers class.  This will be bittersweet because mommy loves Ms. Shelley and Ms. Katrina!
Reid's very first family portrait.

Who needs a house cleaning service when you have these three?

Poor Hudson had to spend Thanksgiving week in the hospital with a bad case of pancreatitis.  Looks like no more table food droppings in his future.

See that name written at the top of the page?  That's the boy's first John Hancock!


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