Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Siblings Welcome"

Last year on Dallas Moms Blog, I wrote a blog post entitled "Birthday Party Etiquette."

I know first hand that not all birthday parties lend themselves to an unlimited number of guests and/or a mixed age group of children.  

But as a mother to three high energy boys, I will say that it makes me happy when I open a birthday party invitation that says "Siblings Welcome" or when all three (!) of their names are on the invitation.  

Not only does this mean all three boys get to have a fun time at a birthday party (and expend a TON of energy), but it also means that dad and mom don't have to "divide and conquer" as we would have to do otherwise.  This way, we all get to attend, and it makes for a fun time together during the coveted weekend hours.

Last Saturday we had back-to-back "Siblings Welcome" birthday parties, and Team RJH had a blast!

First up - Asher turned 4 and his birthday party was at the "tubes" at Highland Oaks Church (side note: party start time was 9am which I love because by that time, our little munchkins have been up for two hours and are ready to get out of the house).  

This one was especially fun because there were two separate areas for the two age groups.  Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Reid playing in the "tubes" because once the kiddos enter the tubes, they "disappear" until they come down one of the tubes/slides.

Birthday boy Asher is at the head of the table.  He's on Reid's first soccer team (more on that in another blog post), and his dad (pictured) is our first soccer coach.

Off to the next party!

Slade turned 5 last week, and he had so much fun at the Lake Highlands Rec Center for his 4th birthday last year that he decided to have it there again this year.  It's a wonderful venue for the boys to run and play.

"Mommy, did you know I have twins too?"


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